What is CD Mastering?

Why is a "master" better than a "transfer?" A transfer sounds just
like your original recording, whereas a master is your original recording optimized!
Since many companies offer "transfer" services and charge extra
for separate tracks and noise reduction, we felt it helpful to
point out what the one time "mastering" fee includes.

he $35 "Mastering" fee for up to 80 minutes of audio conversion
is a one time fee that includes the following processes:

1) A digital recording is made of your tape
2) Tape noise, hum & hiss are removed from the recording
3) The recording is then "normalized" to achieve maximum volume without distortion
4) The recording is then edited into separate tracks
*Please note, this is not an automated process, since editing is done "by hand" and "by ear," your tracks separations will be where you expect them to be!
5) Other manipulations may be required to improve the sound such as "Harmonic Enhancement", "Compression" "Mic Rumble filter" "Graphic Equalizer"
"Click & Pop removal" or "Fade Outs."
Your CD conversion will include any of the above mentioned techniques necessary to create the best sounding CD from your tape.

Your First CD is included in the price of mastering!

Once your master is made, CD copies can be produced.
This fee represents the labor involved.  A one hour recording
takes about two hours to prepare as described above
before CD copies can be made.  Digital copies of your
masters are archived indefinitely at no charge to you!
Once you have paid the one time mastering fee, you
may order more copies of your CD at anytime just for
the price of duplication and shipping.  Fair enough? 
If you have  any further questions on this subject,
please email for assistance.




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