What Clients say about their
Custom Audio CDs!

King Tet's Clients come from everywhere!

I simply cannot believe the magic you did with the tape I sent you. What I sent you seemed to me unrecoverable, unbearable to listen to. It was recorded on a tiny little pocket recorder in the 80s. What you sent to me is wonderful. Magic, really. I appreciate that you put different settings on different parts of the musicĖit was clearly the right choice dealing with an impossible situation.
Please feel free to have anyone write to me for a reference. Or use any of my comments in advertising. Or ask me for any other quotes.
You can't know how deeply important recovering this music was for me. It was the equivalent of finding a family heirloom that had been lost for twenty-five years. I am deeply grateful.
Wm. Harry Kelley Mt. Pleasant, MI
Eric - I received the CD's and listened to them right away - it has been amazing listening to them and now having them on CD's to play in the car and at the office - Great job and I feel much better having this music saved to a new medium
thanks again - I am scanning other tapes to send your way soon !!!!
Mike Z.  Hockessin, DE
Got the CDs yesterday, and listened to one today.  Sounds GREAT!  I'd love to add my testimonial to everyone else's . . . you so richly deserve all the accolades and praise given.   And especially being able to locate something done 5 years ago!  
Patricia R. San Rafael, CA 
Eric - just wanted to let you know that I received the CDs yesterday and they sound great!  Thanks again so much for making this possible.
Lynn R. Hershey, PA
Hey Eric - The job you did on this CD is just spectacular - how did you do it!  Everything is perfect . . thanks very much
Jim J. Santa Rosa, CA
All I can say is THANK YOU, finally someone who knows what they are doing. If you ever need a reference give them my e-mail address.
Jim H. Springfield, OH
(this client tried two other companies first)
I honestly believe that you are the best at what you do. I have worked with a dozen or so people of this same kind of projects and your work blows everyone out of the water ...this is why I keep coming back to you.
Steve C. Indianapolis, IN

Got the cds just now.  Great job.  Thanks much.  I have referred several folks your way.
Bill T.  Alexandria, VA

Hi Eric,
THANKS again for the awesome job on the CDs of my stepfathers radio show!!! The sound quality is superb! I got the copies sent off to my brothers and they are also impressed and thankful.
Take care and have a great day! Paul S. Yankton, SD

"Look no further! I would have been thrilled with half the result in twice the time! This fellow has been around, knows his music, and knows his stuff. To boot, Eric is "a real cool head. Well done, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts and skills."
Take care,  DanaClancy@yahoo.com
Boston, MA

Hi, Eric!
What a wonderful package ó it arrived safely today. I know what Iíll be doing for a few days. . . .
Many thanks again for your help,
Chris S. Huntington, MD
Hi, Eric. Just wanted to let you know the CDs arrived in good condition.  Thanks for doing such an excellent job with them--the visuals, the sound quality, the packaging are all very fine.
Also, I am enjoying your sampler--I guess we share a love of nature (must be the Vermont influence).
Thanks again,
Margaret B. West Topsham, VT
I am speechless! The conversions sound amazing!!! You did such a great job and I am in complete awe!
~ Steve C. Indianapolis, IN
Eric --
Just received the CDs! I am SO excited and am currently playing the Kumal one in the background on my computer (until the boss gets in, of course). Thank you SO much for doing this. While it may seem a small deal, I have to tell you that you have brought smiles to many faces today -- I may have to call you for additional copies! :)

I was telling my mother the other day that I had found someone who got transfer tapes to CDs, but didn't mention which one as yet when she told me that she had always regretted not getting a copy of the Kumal tape before it was lost. I'm sending her a copy of one you made, and can't wait to hear of her reaction! My sister doesn't know yet either, so will have a nice surprise in her stocking this year!

Thank you again for using your technical talents to keep all kinds of music going around the world, and for helping people keep cherished memories. Wishing you and yours have a beautiful Christmas, and may the New Year bring you many blessings, much prosperity, and wondrous joy.
Mari A. Houston, TX
I just received the CD. You really did great things in spite of all the inherent flaws built in my tape and recordings.
Great work. You are a sound engineer's, engineer.
Thanks a million. I'm sure I'll look you up in the future.
Jack B.
Hi, Eric,

You're helping me make a lot of people happy.  The clean up work you did is absolutely beautiful and is appreciated more with each listening.  The dynamic range was preserved while the signal to noise ratio rivals new digital recording standards.  Just beautiful, really.
Best regards, Robert G.  Astoria, NY
Dear Erik:  Thanks for the audio conversions.  I received them today.
OUTSTANDING sound -- especially for 25-year-old cassette tapes!
I am very happy with the conversion.  As always, your quality, price and speed are excellent.
Best regards,  Alan M.  Columbia SC
Hi Eric
Thanks for the good job. the audio quality is as good as it can be and the packaging is fine. I appreciate the attention you gave to this and the quality of your work.
Thanks Again
All the Best
Charlie W. Milwaukee, WI
I got the CDs yesterday and they are wonderful. Thanks so much.
Tony G. Urbana, IL
The CDs arrived promptly and safely! Thanks! If you ever need a recommendation I will be glad to give you one.
Jane D. KY
Dear Eric,
The CD sounds great - we will definitely be ordering more.
All the best,  Dale M. Orleans, MA
Very nice work converting the cassette to CD, especially getting the years of accumulated noise out without affecting the music quality.
Bob S. Houston, TX
Hi Eric,
What I would rather have done was pick up the phone and personally thank you for the CDs. I have sat here mesmerized listening to my family. The tears are flowing so badly that it is hard to write. I donít know what I enjoyed the most. It was great to hear my father laugh again. I could not believe how well the songs by my Dad sounded from so long ago. Wow, the memories---- What a special gift this will be to the children and grandchildren.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Catherine M. Severn, MD
Hey, my CD's arrived today, and I just want to say thanks.....I can
finally hear my songs again!
Aloha, Jay U. Kihei, HI
Greetings, Eric:
Thanks also for the fast turn-around in doing the work.
Dorothy A. Township, PA
Hi Eric--got the CDs today. I can't thank you enough. It's great to have these songs that I wrote 35 years ago saved. They are already in my iTunes library and safely backed up. I will be sending you some old home videotapes to transfer to DVD once I collect them. All the best,
Mark K. Potomac, MD
Hi Eric,
I received the tape and CDs yesterday. Excellent work!! It was nice doing business with you.
Jamie B. Warrenton, VA
Eric, thanks for you quick attention to the CDs. They sound great. Will definitely use your services again if the need arises. regards, J.S. New York, NY
Dear Eric,
You package with the CDs, etc., arrived today. Thank you for such quick service. The CDs are excellent.
Nina H. Boston, MA
Hi Eric,
Just wanted to let you know that the CDs arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. I am so happy with the results. My sisters will be thrilled as well and it will be a nice Christmas surprise. I am working through some old cassettes so I will likely be sending more in the near future. Thanks for a great service and an incredibly quick turn around time.
Kristina S. Gosport, IA
Thank you.  It turned out well.
Marcus O. Sudbury, MA

Got the cd's today.  THAT WAS FAST.  They look great.Thanks again,
Bill B. Newark, DE

Thanks so much for all of the great work!!!! The CDs look so great, and so professional. Thanks so much - worth every penny.
Keep you posted on how they sell and when I'll need more!!
Mindy W. San Diego, CA RentandRetain.com
Dear Eric,
I received the CD's Tuesday and finally had the chance to listen to them today. Great job; beyond my expectations. I will definitely be doing more business with you in the future and recommending this invaluable service.
John G. Chicago, IL
Thanks Eric for the quick service!
 John L. Thousand Oaks, CA
Dear Eric,
Wow! You did an outstanding job with my project!
This is better than I imagined possible--the sound is excellent and your sense of design with the photos, text and art work is just fantastic.
I wanted it to look "cool" and you do more than that!
Obviously I am thrilled. Your finished product will make a bunch of my old rock and roller pals very proud.
Please feel free to use my comments to promote your business.
I'll be spreading the word here on the east coast.
David H. Southport, CT
I just finished listening to the CD - I know it was probably pretty painful for you to listen to but you did a wonderful job. That tape was made in 1989 and you made it sound like it was done yesterday. Thank you very much. Awesome Job!
Sam B. Midlothian VA
Perfect! Thank you! Worth every penny!
Rob B. Los Angeles, CA
Dear Eric: I just took the time to sample the two sets of audio cassette-to-CD conversions you made for me a number of weeks ago.  Superb! The sound is excellent. I appreciate the quality of your work, turnaround time, good communication and pricing.
Thanks, again!
Regards, Alan M. Seabeck, WA
I received it and Thank you it is an excellent job.
Debra Conifer, CO
Hi Eric,
Thank you very much for the CD and DVD conversion. My wife is very happy to have the concert preserved in a digital format. Both turned out excellent, especially the audio CD. The sound quality is amazing considering the source.
I have a few more audio and video tapes I may want to get converted to digital in the future. I will definitely contact you if I decide to go forward!
Thanks, Glenn G. Austin, TX
My CD's came today. Well, yesterday since it's 1:09 am. Anyway, I can't stop listening to it! It sounds so great! You did such a wonderful job. Just to let you know, I almost coughed up $350 just to do the same thing you guys did and you guys charged $150 and threw in 24 more CD's WITH labels on
them! It pays to shop the internet doesn't it?

You will be hearing from me again also. I have more tapes to send to you in the future just because you did such an awesome job on mastering my tape. Thank you again and thanks also for a speedy time also. Your turn-around time was quick!

Keep up the good job and thanks again for the wonderful job on my tunes! Now if I can only get my CD in the hands of a big record company guy, I'll be even more happy. Know anybody?
Jeff L. Loveland, OH
Hi Eric,
 The CD is perfect! I'm am so thankful and very impressed that you were able to salvage the music for me.
Many thanks, Louise Guest
Received the tape and CD's today...Excellent! Thanks for all your hard work, well worth the price!
Candice M.  Menomonee Falls, WI
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the high quality of work you achieve. Youíre great at following my instructions, and best of all--youíre fast!! Thank you, not only for adhering to the high quality of standards you advertise, but also for coming across with such a pleasant disposition whenever we speak on the phone. Needless to say, you are my go-to company for all my future projects. (Please feel free to post my letter, as Iím proud to celebrate you and your company.)
Sincerely, Paul G. Union City, NJ
Hi Eric,
The sound quality was more than exceptional!!!  It sounds just like I was in the recording studio with them.  I can't tell you how happy I am that you were able to transfer it to CD.  Thanks again, I will highly recommend you to everyone I know.
Take care.
peace and blessings to you.
Judy B.  Nashville, TN
Thanks again for the great job on the CDs. The quality is really exceptional. My son (who is an executive producer for Discovery Communications) is amazed.
They are a blessing to us.
Take care, Pat S. Harrisonburg, VA
Hello Eric,
Thank you so much for the excellent result of the CD.
-Ruta J. Syosset, NY
thank you so very much for the terrific job in "cleaning up" my
tapes. i can now understand the conversations of the family when they were first recorded in 1947.
Gary B. Santa Monica, CA
Hi Eric, just want to say you did a great job on my tape to CD.  I am already telling all my musician friends about your work, I will definitely be in contact with you with more work.
Thanks again, John M. Hagerstown, MD
Thanks Eric. I received the CD yesterday and it was great. That was the first time I had heard my motherís voice in over 20 years and my grandmotherís voice in over 30 years.
John G. Bellaire, TX
Hi Eric,
I can't thank you enough for the exquisite work you did in restoring my old cassette tape and transferring it to digital format. Tears came to my eyes when I first listened to
the CD. You brought out the incredible beauty and power of this music. To everyone out there searching the Internet for the BEST: This is the guy, look no further!
Jane G., San Diego, CA
Thank you for the excellent service provided. I wasn't sure you'd be able to get much from the 35-year old cassette tape of my band yet I asked a lot of you. You took the time to find out exactly what I wanted, and then you exceeded those expectations. We've had a band reunion, where I played the CDs and gave them as gifts. I still get emails from the guys saying they never knew they sounded that good. Thanks for extending our greatest memories Eric. Paul S. Winter Garden, FL
Received the CD's. They sound better than I had expected.
Thank you very much.
Paula D. Edgerton, OH
Hello Eric,
I didn't think that it would be possible but you did manage to make the recordings sound better. I appreciate your obvious concerted effort. I can't thank you enough.
Dan D. Renton, WA
Dear Eric,
The CDs arrived just a a little bit ago and I have been playing one in awe. I am deeply, deeply moved. Your work is a labor of love in every way. The sound quality is far superior to anything I could have imagined, and the CD box, photo, label--everything: PERFECT!

I will certainly keep you in mind for other projects but even if I never have another one I just want you to know that you have given me one of the greatest gifts of my life, and I will never forget you. Hearing Rich like this in his "newness" to this world is beyond description.
Warmest Regards,
Claudia B. La Verne, CA
Dear Eric,
It's difficult to find the words to adequately express my thanks to you.  Your constant communication, encouragement, patience, and enthusiasm for our CD project, in addition to your excellent skills, made us confident that our project was almost as important to you as it was to us.  We took a risk sending our tape across the country, but we're so happy we did!  It has been a great pleasure working with you and I wish you God's richest blessings.  Mary Preuss, Racine, WI
The CDs have arrived, and it is terrific. Thanks! We'll
certainly recommend you and use your services again in the future.
Regards, Peter S. Tucson, AZ
Eric, the disc sounds excellent. A stellar job as usual! :)
Always a pleasure, thanks again!
Best from David W. Hemet, CA
Great job. I really enjoy the CDís. Itís like going back in time. They donít make music like that anymore!!!!
Kevin L.  Smyrna, GA
Thank you. Wow you are really fast!!!!!!
Brenda M.  Forestville, NY
I am an anthropologist. While living with Eskimos I made some tapes of Yup'ik storytelling, music & dance. Including a lengthy story by a legendary Eskimo storyteller, now dead. All my recordings would have died, as well, were it not for Eric, who expertly copied them onto CD. Eric, you're a technical genius and a friend to Eskimo ethnology. May the spirits of the tundra and Bering Sea forever smile upon you.
Blessings on you,
Calvin Luther Martin, PhD  Malone, NY
Thanks for the work. I really do appreciate this. The
CD sounds great...a lot better than the 8-track did...
Zachary H.  Salt Lake City, UT
Hey Eric,
got the CD today love it!  I'm going to my sisters' tonight to let them here it.  It sounds great and you will be hearing from us again.  My sister wants to make a CD also.  This is by far the most least expensive route to go.  I had tried to find a recording studio in Kansas City but they are really too costly for our get needs.  Just wanted you to know how pleased I am and I will certainly recommend King Tet Productions to any and everyone i know.
thanks again,
Cathy  Kansas City, KS
Hi Eric, I received the CD today and it's GREAAAAAAAT!, thank you so very much, I referred my cousin to you, I hope he gives you a call. Mary C.  Hesperia, CA
Hi Eric,
CDs arrived today. Thanks so much. You did a great job and helped bring to
life some great memories. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Julie P. Middletown, CT
Hi, Eric!
You did an outstanding job on the CD! I couldn't be happier with everything. Thank you so much for the great service and quick turnaround! I will definitely recommend you to others!
Happy Holidays
Lori C. Springfield, MO
Just want to thank you for an excellent performance: The packages arrived today (yesterday was a holiday-Patriots Day-here). Contents Nicely & protectively packed; CD cases attractively and accurately labeled; sound reproduction clear and bright. Your turnaround time was exceptional. Price was right. I will certainly use your services again when the occasion arises and will tell my associates here at Bowditch & Dewey-especially our IT people-of your fine capabilities.
Erwin M. Worcester, MA
Hi Eric,
You recently transferred two audio cassettes to CD for me - and did a fabulous job. I am preparing another tape.
Jeff K. Raleigh, NC
Good Morning Eric,
I received them yesterday. I am so thrilled to now have my momís voice where I can listen to it any time!
Thanks again for everything. I just wanted you to know that your service really does more than just putting music on a CD.
Kim H. Haltom City, TX
I just wanted to drop a quick line and say how pleased I am with my order. Thanks SO much. I'll be sure to recommend you and/or use you again in the future.
Susan K. Hanover, IL
Dear Eric,
First and foremost I want to thank you for the fabulous work you do!  Aside from additional rehearsal time, King Tet Productions is absolutely the best way I know to improve my music!
John S. Cleveland, TX
Dear Eric,
The CD was delivered today. Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job converting that cassette to a CD. You don't know how much it means to us to have that record of our son's voice in a way we can enjoy for the rest of our lives.
Again, thank you!
Dorothy S. Orange, CA
Received the CD's in the mail today. Can't tell you how absolutely happy I was with them. Could not have asked for anything more. Some of those tunes were recorded with my friends back in the late 70's and one of the guys I have not seen for about 22 years. Can't wait to send him a CD " out of the blue", he probably has no idea at all that these tapes even exist. He'll be knocked off his feet when he gets a CD !!
Fantastic job Eric- many sincere thanks.
John C. Shelburne, VT
hi eric I got the package. You did a great job on the CD I really appreciate it and thanks alot for sending it back so promptly. You do wonderful work. again thanks,
erica a. Phoenix, AZ
Hi Eric,
Thanks for the nice job on my poor old tapes. The prompt service and very reasonable cost were excellent. Thanks again.
Mark P. Chicago, IL
The CD's arrived today and I'm absolutely thrilled!! Thank you so much. I will most likely have another tape ready for you the first of next month with many more to come.
Sincerely, John S. Conroe, TX
Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for such a great service and professional work.
You did an amazing job and we are quite happy with the CDs!
We really appreciate it and hope to do the business with you again. 
Yukiko O. Palo Alto, CA 
I received the CDs, it's great and I thank you for being such a professional and a gentleman! This is a small project but it meant the world to me. Thanks again, will mail a check.
Adele M. New York, NY
Eric, I just completed listening to the three-tape conversion. EXCELLENT sound -- especially for 20-year-old tapes!
Alan M. Seattle, WA
I received the CDs you did for me and they are wonderful. I will be sending some more cassettes sometime this coming week. I will send you an e-mail when I send them. Thanks so much, your work is excellent and will give our family years more of enjoyment from them. Debby R.
I received the CDs today that you made from my daughter's childhood cassette tape. They are great, my husband and laughed and laughed to hear it. I can't wait to send her CD to her. Thanks so much! Now I wish I had made more tapes when my kids were little.
Peggy H. Redondo Beach, CA
Eric.....Thanks again for your great work in compiling my Aunt Betty's memories on the CD set for us. It was very important to her and she and her children enjoyed them so much. Sad to report however, the lovely woman died on March 14th. She and her wonderful sense of humor will be missed. After receiving the CDs, she had said "you be sure to thank that nice man for doing such a nice job"....so you have been thanked. Take care and I expect we will do business again in the future. Sincerely Darwin S. Alexandria, VA
Eric -- I have been enjoying the CDs and appreciate the care that you put into the conversions. They bring back long-buried memories and more than one smile. Thanks again.
Roy G. East Hampton, NY
Hi Eric,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the package the other day and I am very pleased with the product. You did a wonderful job on the packaging and on the recording.
Thank you,
Karin M. Denville, NJ
This weekend I had an opportunity to play my CDs. The professional work you did in converting my tapes and cassettes to CDs was truly outstanding. I am also very pleased with the way you cataloged my collection. I have already passed your name to two other people with my highest recommendation on your work.
Ed Z. Redlands, CA
Thank you so much for resurrecting my tape. I thought that I would never be able to have it on any type of ďpermanentĒ media. I checked it out, it sounds great. You did a great job.
-Frank B.  Hanover, MD
I received the cd about a couple days ago. And I listened to it, and it sounds real good, and I liked the job you did on the case with the artwork, it's real nice, it looks like the orginal cd. It's real awesome, and if I ever need something else done with another cassette or VHS tape, I will contact you, because you did a good job. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You have a great day.
Michael H. HOUSTON, TX
What a great job you did with the tape I sent in. The quality is awesome. I wanted to thank you again for the very quick responses. I will refer anyone I know to you.
Thanks again,
Bob D. Salem, NJ
After three cassette to CD transfers and counting, I am continually impressed with the quality of Tet's work. He is professional, courteous, prompt, and extremely efficient. The indelible results I've received have spared my ears of hum and hiss, and for that I will continue to utilize his services!
Mike B.  Kenosha, WI
Hi Eric and thanks so much for the sterling work on my CD.......it did indeed come out fine and I will wholeheartedly recommend your talents to anyone who needs them :) Thanks again!
Best regards, David W. Hemet, CA
Hi Eric,
The CD arrived today........another stellar job and much appreciated, thanks!
Best from David W. Hemet, CA
I received the CD the other day and just wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I was with the results-- the quality was superb and the service was unbeatable. Many thanks and any other tapes in the future will be sent to you.
Sincerely, John C. Shelburne, VT
Hi Eric- we received the CDs Ė theyíre really great Ė I think they sound better than the tape Ė I had no idea there was so much music there !
This will be loads of fun for us on our 30th anniversary with our family in Hawaii !!
Thanks again Ė Barb B. Santa Barbara, CA
Hey Eric,
I got them and the music is A LOT clearer and sounds much better overall. Thanks again for your great work. I will always keep you in mind for all my archiving needs as they arise!
Regards, Borce P.  Seattle, WA
Got your CD today...it plays like it was the original - - - not a copy of a cassette. I could almost swear I can now hear music I didn't hear before. It was well worth the cost. Your service is second to none.
Thanks a bunch,
A. Gutierrez  Miami, FL
Just received the package, and I am so happy. The discs look and sound wonderful. You have great taste, and mixed the music exactly as I'd envisioned. I will absolutely use you from now on when I'm doing this sort of thing (which I do at least once a year).
All best wishes for the holidays.
T. Ryan  NYC, NY
Eric, got the package, and have listened to the CD. Thanks very much.  Great job. Brings back a lot of memories, and it's in time for the Grandmother's birthday, so we're very happy.
Brenda H. Chesterfield, NH
eric...thank you very much for your excellent and professional
service...my family and i appreciate and treasure our new (and improved) CDs...
J. Deutsch Los Angeles, CA
I just wanted to thank you again for the FANTASTIC job you did on my grandpaís tape. My husband and I are amazed at the quality of the CD Ė itís 100% better than the tape original.
We will definitely keep your information and use you in the future as our needs merit it.
Thank you, again, for both the excellent work and the excellent customer service.
Happy weekend, cgw  Austin, TX
Hey Eric....received the cd and everything's cool....It's nice to have old stuff on cd. Never know how long cassettes are going to last. I'll be sending another in a week or so.
Thanks again...
W. Benson  Red Hook, NY
Hi Eric,
I got my CD and I'm just thrilled. You did a wonderful job with it. I'll let everyone know about your work.
Monica M. Oxnard, CA
I wanted to thank you so much for the excellent job you did for me with the tapes. The quality is amazing! If I am in need of this service again I will certainly be using your services. I will also recommend you to anyone else looking to convert a cassette into a CD! Thanks again for a great job!
Elizabeth E. Belchertown, MA
Thanks Eric! We got the CD today and listened to it. Wonderful!! Thank you so much for doing this, my mom will be thrilled.
Julie B. Kettering, OH
Dear Eric,
Thanks 1,000,000.
Eric in Albuquerque
EricÖReceived the CD. Thanks for the prompt turnaround. I havenít heard these tapes in over 35 years. They bring back a lot of memories. Thanks againÖ
Al T. Oceanside, CA
Dear Eric,
Got the CD's today....thank you so much! The sound and the packaging are great! Have wonderful holidays and I know we will listening to our family memory CD.
K. Stone Glendale, AZ
The CD's arrived Friday and they sound great.  Thanks for a fine job.
Steve G. Peoria, IL
Hi eric
WE just got the tape today - thank you so much!!! - it is really wonderful and amazing what you have done.
I will tell everyone I know about you.
Christy S. Indian Trial, NC
Eric, thank you again for the fabulous work and quick turn around time. My husband was thrilled. We hope to bring you business in the future.
Erica M. Murrietta, CA
Hi Eric
Just got the CD! SO MUCH BETTER! I canít thank you enough!
Lynn S. Santa Barbara, CA
Eric Ė I am so impressed. You are responsive, honest and SO Knowledgeable! Your client testimonials convinced me that it was safe to send my most precious tapes and my only copy of an old photograph to a complete stranger. These homemade recordings were 20+ years old and priceless. You turned the job around so quickly; you kept in constant touch and made sure that the job exceeded my expectations. You anticipated my needs and explained things so clearly. Most importantly, the sound quality is sensational. I cannot believe how these CDís sound!
Tim D. West Chester, PA
Hi Eric, I received my cd today and I'm very happy with the sound quality.  Much louder with added clarity. I will be sending you another tape when I record in the near future. Once again thanks for your fine work.
Ty P. Spirit Lake, ID
 Jack and I had a two-plus hour ride on Thursday and we listened to the CD during the trip. Super job, Eric! It's just terrific and will make Grandy's children and grandchildren very happy this year. Thanks for everything:)! Have a happy holiday!
Janet W. Hohokus, NJ
Hello, Eric,
I wanted to thank you for the really quick turnaround on the tapes to CD's. I'm really impressed with how clearly we can hear our voices from so many years ago. It was very touching to hear my grandparents speaking, who have now both passed away.
Best regards, and a Merry Christmas!
Ron B. Mt. Dora, FL
Just wanted to follow up and let you know the CD arrived on Saturday as scheduled! Scottís dad was just overwhelmed with his gift. Thanks, again, for making it such a merry Christmas in such a short timeframe!!
Corinne W. Austin, TX
Hello Eric,
I got the CDs and while I have not listened to the whole thing (my roommate came home) I did listen to some of it and it is AMAZING!!! I cannot get over how clear the songs are and that his anecdotes are also audible. I cannot thank you enough for your help in preserving this event for him and his family (well, and me too). THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I especially appreciate all your edits with the cover and your patience. I wish for you a VERY happy healthy holiday!!
Mary H. Elmhurst, NY
Hello Eric,
My CD just arrived and it is beautiful! Thank-you so much.
Danielle K.  Columbia, PA
I can't tell you how pleased I am with the CD! It's far beyond what I imagined and I am absolutely amazed that you could correct the speeds from that ancient cassette. You worked nothing short of a miracle and I can't say enough about your expertise. You're the best!
Jenny A. Tucson, AZ
Hi Eric:
I'm SO delighted the DTS to Audio CD conversion worked! I've had this album in many permutations - even on 8-track back in the dark ages when I was a teenager!! I've bugged a lot of friends, my husband, and various strangers about converting it for several years, but no one could do it. So, my hat's off to you and your speedy service! If I ever get in this fix again, I know who to contact! Just know a little gray-haired schoolteacher is enjoying your work. I got back from my trip and was thrilled to find my new/old CD waiting for me! I immediately ripped it to my iPod and went to bed. What absolute fun the next morning to have music I hadn't heard in my car since 8-tracks roamed the earth! I can't thank you enough - it was worth every penny! Even some of the amazing DTS engineering was preserved, I think. Thanks again.
Amy E. Houston, TX
Thanks Eric! You are fast as usual and as always I appreciate your service and your honesty. I will always use you whenever I need your services.
Take care,
Ken L. Garden Grove, CA
Hello, Eric!

The USPS package arrived in excellent shape today.. I am pleased without exception with the transfer from tape to CD and the clear sound...I have had several opportunities to mention your studio to friends, and now I have even more reason to do so. Thank you for sending your business card.
So happy to have done business with you. Even though our job was a small one, I appreciate the personal attention.
Best regards, Eric, and blessings to you and those you love.
Varga G. :) Highland, KS
Hello Eric,
Thank you so much for the quick turn-around on my CDís. It was exciting to get them in the mail today! Thank you for doing a great job with the cover art and label, and for making the best transfer possible from my amateur attempt at putting together my first collection of songs.
It is wonderful to have a CD that I can give to my family as a gift. My daughter also plays piano and composes, as does her husband, and I know they would like to work at recording some songs as well. So, Iím sure youíll have future business from us.
Again, thank you, Eric for a wonderful job in making my first project a reality!
N. Johnson, Mesa, AZ
Eric, tape arrived safely and it was fun to hear words from so long ago. We appreciated your quick turnaround!
Thanks, ~susan S.  Orlando, FL
Concerning the CD you made for me " Rob in Concert"
I never, ever dreamed that old worn out tape could be made to sound that GREAT!  When I put it in my player, it made me cry. It took me back to the night my son did that concert at our church. It was just like being there and even better. The sound quality was much better than it was in the real concert. You're a miracle worker!  Had I known it would have turned out so good, I would have gotten more copies made to give to friends.  I'm scouting around all our old tapes, looking for more for you to do.  I really appreciate the wonderful job you did. It was perfect.
Thanks, Brenda S. Douglasville, GA
Hi Eric,
I received the CDís today. Sounds great. Thanks so much.
Toby    Franklin, MS
Hi Eric,
I just received the CD today! Thanks so much - it turned out so
great! The quick turn-around time, attention to detail, and excellent quality (not to mention, the near-zero effort required on my part) are definitely worth the cost. I will probably send you another tape in the next few weeks.
Thanks again,
Olivia C.  Santa Cruz, CA
Thanks so much Eric! I really appreciate how fast you are and how easy you are to work with!
Mindy W. Coronado, CA
Hey Eric,
I am very pleased with the outcome of the CD. We could have not asked for better quality. Your work is top grade and I would not hesitate to recommend your work to anybody. So in the future when we have more recordings we will be sure to go directly to you. The quality is AWESOME and nothing less.
Thanks a million,
Johnny Garcia
Springer, NM
Hello Eric,
I received the CDs today. The sound is incredible. Thank you for your efforts with it.   M. Upton, Urbana IL
Hi Eric -
Got the package, thank you!
The CDs sounds great, the mastering was excellent, and the labeling was nicely done. You're awesome, thanks!
I heard your banjo playing online. You're an animal!!
Thanks, again.
Tara S  Brooklyn, NY
Hi Eric,
I got the package in the mail yesterday. The CD sounded perfect! Thank you so much for doing such a great job.
~Michelle R. Wilmington, DE
Hi, I received the CDs yesterday. That was fast! Just wanted to let you know I am THRILLED with the job you did. I am SO happy I had you do this for me. I really appreciate your excellent work and helpful friendly attitude. I imagine I'll use your services again in the future. THANKS again so much! Cindy M.
Hi Eric, I received the CD today. Thank you so much, it was so much better than before. I may have another one for you at a later date. I hope that you have had a Merry Christmas and may your upcoming year be blessed. Denise L.
I got the tape and CD. Thank you so much!!!! You did a great job and they will work great. I will keep your card in case I need something else or someone else does.
Thanks again,
Esther N., El Segundo, CA
Hi Eric-
I got the CDs yesterday and have already listened to them Ė they sound great. Iím so glad we did this!
Nancy T. Cranberry Township, PA
Hey Eric,
The CD arrived today. Thank you so much. It's great to hear it at a reasonable volume and without all that air. I will recommend your service to anyone in need.
Thanks again,
Joshua P. Seattle, WA
Hi Eric:
I got my CD and album back today - I can't believe how fast you are but more importantly, I cannot believe how good this sounds!!! I never expected it to sound THIS good!! I thought it might have a muffled, kind of distant sound - not the full sound you were able to produce!!
It sounded great on my stereo, but most things do because of the EPI speakers. So I tried it on my computer which you know tends to be less forgiving and it still sounds great.
Thanks a million and I will definitely pass on your name if I know of someone who wants to have this done!!!
Happy Holidays...
Kathie Foss, PA
Eric: I finally got a chance to play the CD. I couldn't be more pleased! It's perfect!!!! Thanks so much. R. Turner, Washington, DC
The tapes arrived today. Am listening and so far, the first CD is WONDERFUL. This is SO much fun to listen to, you have no idea. My parents are going to absolutely love this.
Many thanks
Kathy L. Brooklyn,NY
Got it! You're GREAT! It even plays good on the 'puter. You'll definitely hear from me again.  Esther D. Miami, FL
I received the CD last week. It sounds great. This has regenerated my enthusiasm so maybe I will do some new music. I havenít done much in the last couple of years. If I can sustain this attitude, Iíll have a new tape for you to do next year. Thanks.
Russ L.   Ohio
Thanks Eric!!!
Got the CD today and listened to it. I Must say the quality is superb! Very Happy Customer.
Hi Eric,
We completed our Christmas caroling season yesterday and would like to thank you for your part in providing us our music CD.
For the first time in so many years, our music system went flawlessly. Thanks for your services in transferring our cassette tape music in CD. We look forward to using your services again in the future. I commend  also your prompt delivery system. I won't hesitate to recommend your services to my friends and associates.
Again, on behalf of PAAPC (Philippine-American Assoc. of Palm Coast), thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
Jun Lalog, Palm Coast, FL
I Just received the CD, it turned out great! Thanks so much for the fast turn around. Cathi, Norco, CA
We are very pleased with your work, thank you.
Stanislaw W. Dziurzynski, Groton Long Point, CT
You went FAR FAR beyond the call of duty when it came time to remastering my live performance tape. The quality far exceeded anything I expected. Your attention to detail and willing to work out anything I wanted was really remarkable. The artwork was phenomenal! You were able to see my vision and go beyond it. The finished product is marvelous, elegant, and perfect. I deeply appreciate your production of my CD project!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to any one of my friends.  I will be sending you many more tapes once I sort through them!  THANK YOU so very much for a job well well done. I am THRILLED!
Rhoda J.  Clarksville, MD
Eric, thank you so very, very much. I am thrilled to have the CDs and eager to have my children and a nephew hear them. Iíll be sending another tape to you sometime in January And there will be more. Happy new year! Ann P.   Topsham, ME
Received the CD'S Yesterday !!!!!!!!
Well what can I say--The CD is GREAT--not good--GREAT. The sound, the way you took away all the noise between the songs and balanced everything out is just fantastic.
The artwork of the CD package was better than I could ever have dreamed.  I didn't know you could separate my  picture from the background and putting my signature on the back was really nice. I must admit that it is very weird seeing my mug on the front of the CD, but I'll get used to it.
I thought that you were going to include one extra copy of the
artwork-not one extra copy of a CD--INCREDIBLE!
Now if you could have only improved my singing and guitar playing
Honestly --- THANK YOU Eric - I really appreciate the job you've done.
Take Care of Yourself.
Joe Manzione, NYC
Hi Eric,
The CDs and tape arrived safe and sound. I'm listening to the CD now -- great quality!
Thanks again!
Laura S. SF, CA
Hi Eric,
CDs arrived this morning. Superb Quality. Thank you very much.
Best Regards-David C.  UK
I received the CDs on Friday. They sound great considering what you had to work with. Thanks so much. They are going to be Christmas gifts this year - my family will be so surprised.
Jennifer, Pittsburg, PA
Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for the CD's. You did a great job with the tracks, separating talk from songs. I am completely satisfied with your professional job from first contact to the final product.
Madeleine Borgaro
Mahopac, NY
Eric: It sounds absolutely wonderful. I can't wait until Christmas.
Thanks agin. Happy New Year!
The Doherty's  Hilliard, OH

After calling many companies and searching the web, I am glad I was finally able to found you. During the whole ordering process,
you made me feel like I was dealing with a friend and not just another company. I would highly recommended you to those around me and will be come back to get more work done in the future.
Thank you for the excellent job.
Elena, Washington DC

Wow! I was skeptical, but now am a believer.  I had some old tapes of our original music that I wanted transferred and preserved on a CD.  I looked and looked on the internet to try and find a company that handled 1/4" tapes ... no success.  I contacted Eric at his ReelToReelToCD.com website and he suggested that I send him my cassette tapes of the songs, I thought the quality would be questionable coming from a cassette tape but I sent him our 20 songs anyway.  He went over and above the call of duty by producing 2 different CDs. One straight off our cassette and one he re-mastered using a technique called "hard limiting."  UNBELIEVABLE!!!
The Hard Limited version was crisp, clean and even brought out some of the background vocals that couldn't be heard all that well on the cassette tapes! I don't know how he did it but I am so pleased with the end result!
One of the best things about dealing with this company and Eric in particular is that he took a real interest in making our songs sound the best that he could, treating them as if it were his own music! This kind of customer service is so rare that it's almost nonexistent!
Thank you Eric!!!!  I can't wait to get copies and start sending them out.  I'm proud of the quality and so happy with reel to reels professionalism.  This find is definitely a gem worth holding onto.
Am I gushing too much - too bad - it's worth gushing over....and no, Eric is not a relative of mine!
In Truth
Katee McClure-Dahlstrom
New Mexico

Hi Eric!
Got the CDs today, and Iím THRILLED!!!  Thank you so much, and thanks for the extra copy. I love the artwork and labels too, and definitely want to get some to give as gifts to family and friends for the Holidays.  Iím so pleased that such a funky tape could end up sounding so good. So . . . Letís say 10 more.  Again, thanks so much. Iím so glad my daughter gave me directions to your website.
P. Ross  Sausalito, CA

The shipment arrived today. I was confident from our exchanges that Iíd be pleased with the result, but I didnít expect to be delighted! Youíve done a great job on it. The artwork is superb, and the sound is excellent Ė it really does ďtake me backĒ.  When my wife looked at the CD, she just said ďprofessionalĒ. You have a happy customer. Well done, for an excellent product and a thoroughly business-like transaction.
Roddy Owens, UK

thank you so much for the work you did. I really appreciate you
sending both copies for me to hear. You were right. The hard limiter was better. You did a great job on my memories! Thanks again.
Karen C. Gibsonburg, OH

 "Repeat customer. Faster 'n a Dodge City harlot on cowboy payday! Sounds better than ever! As I have listened several times,
I find you have yielded a lot of detail previously buried in the tape to tape to tape...X times.
Thanks again for such a great job."
Dana Clancy, Boston, MA

Eric,  The CD arrived and it is great. Thank-you so much.
Will probably have some others in the future. 
Hey Eric, haven't gotten back to tell you what a fine job you did on that CD you made for me.
Thanks dude, it rocks!
Hi Eric:
I just received the CD of the songs you remastered and I must say
each and every song turned out much better than the original.
Burnell Hosey
W. Virginia

Hi Eric,
I received the CDs yesterday and spent some time listening to them again.  You did a great job and thanks for making a 1a and 1b CD so I will not miss anything.  I am so happy and proud to have these recordings since I do genealogy and here is great wealth of documented information.  I will be sending you more in time - patience!
Thank you for a job well done.
M. J. Cooke      Toms River, NY

Hi Eric, we are very pleased with the CDs. They all arrived safely today.  My parents came over and we all listened to the songs. My father was so  happy. Thanks for all the time that was spent doing this for him. It is  much appreciated and very well worth it.
Thanks a bunch!
Laurie D.     Springfield, MA

Hi Eric
Received and listened to the CD. The quality was excellent!! I was also very impressed with the CD label. Thanks again!! I will definitely do business with you in the future and recommend your services to friends.

The CD arrived yesterday. It is absolutely perfect! Thanks for going
through the trouble of re-mastering it and getting it back to me so quickly.  I'll be sure to recommend your services to anyone. I may have another job for you in a couple of months but it depends on whether or not a friend can get certain songs on a tape. I'll be in touch.
Many thanks,
James J.      Los Angeles, CA

I received the CD's and tapes yesterday.  They sound great! Thanks again for doing such a good job.
I really appreciate it.
James J.      Los Angeles, CA

They are great - thanks
Brian I.     Davenport, IA

Hi Eric! I want to thank you soooo much for the (two) recent CDs that you cut for me. Both CDs were carved from 2nd or 3rd generation dubbed audiocassette tapes, meaning that you not only successfully removed all of the hissing sounds in them, but you added such clarity in the notes and musical phrases as well. They sound like recordings one could buy at Circuit City or Sam Goody's! Your turnaround time was so quick that I received them here within 2 postal workdays! Astounding credit must be given both you and the U.S. Postal Service. And speaking of "services", thank you for the wonderful service that you are providing us musical consumers with such rejuvenated sounds that otherwise would have been lost to interested ears in due time. Please keep on keeping-on.

Armand G.     Springfield, OR

Eric provided me with a service (recording music from cassette tapes to CDs) that very few people are willing to do, and for those that are willing, very few can do as well as him (and for such a fair fee!). I am a professional bellydancer, and much of the Middle-Eastern music I use is recorded on cassette tapes, not CDs. Also, many of the recordings are quite noisy, and recorded at varying levels. Unfortunately, many of the nightclubs I perform at are only capable of playing CDs. Eric was able to take these tapes, remove the noise, rectify the levels, and record to CD for me wonderfully. He is a musician himself, and was able to work with me on "splicing" pieces of music that really were one long song into separate dances. I really appreciate his dedication to his work, because it is really an art form to get these recordings accurate! The customers as well as the owners of the clubs that I dance at commented on how clean and beautiful my music sounded. This is all due to Eric and his King Tet Productions. Thanks again Eric for a job well done!!
Mimi Grifkin,     San Diego, CA

Hi Eric,
Just a note to let you know the cds arrived. i started one and
everything was great but i havent listened to them all yet. thanks
for your help--you did fine work!
Liam  M.  New York, NY

Dear Eric,
I got the CD and tape today along with everything else you supplied. I just wanted to send this note of thanks. I've heard the fade out on the 3rd track. =) That's actually exactly what I wanted at the end because some how the original fade out was cut off on the tape. Right now, we are working on added effects for the Audio to try to enhance the chamber music style of some tracks. When the project is all finished, I will be sending you a finished copy of the entire CD in an additional note of thanks.
Forever grateful,
Nicholas Camarena, Fresno CA